Rent Guarantee

The letting out of a property naturally provides a landlord with numerous risks to consider before confirming a tenancy.


One of the main risks a landlord has to bear in mind is the potential rent default of the tenant. No matter how good a tenant comes across in person and / or from reference checks, you can never predict what hardship may lie ahead in the future. The question a landlord has to ask is “Can you cover your expenditure if this happened?”


Most landlords are currently asking themselves this same question, especially in the current economic climate where many tenants have to come to terms with rising unemployment and increasing bills. This, along with the recovery of any rent arrears and legal expenses, can be very difficult and costly for a landlord.


We aim to take some of the risk away by offering landlords the opportunity to take up a rent guarantee scheme for their property.


This rent guarantee will be offered to ALL landlords and can be used to cover ALL tenancy types – this includes not only normal professional lets, but also company lets and even sharer / student lets. 


Hopefully providing landlords with some much needed peace of mind!


What does the rent guarantee*......guarantee?


 The insurance will pay 100% of the monthly rent for the tenancy until vacant possession of the property has been obtained

 In addition, the insurance will even pay 50% of the monthly rent for up to 2 months AFTER vacant possession has been               obtained whilst new tenants are found

 Unlimited period of rent arrears paid

 No excess to pay

 Legal Expenses covered up to £50,000 per incident


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(*rent guarantee schemes can only be offered once tenants pass a full reference check via our external referencing company)